October 2013

Roatan's "Prince Albert" #1 Most Amazing Sunken Ship on Earth
The "Amazing Beautiful World" ran a feature entitled "10 Most Incredible Sunken Ships on Earth" and, according to them, one of our most favorite wrecks is also their most incredible sunken ship. That'd be the Prince Albert off Coco View resort on Roatan, Honduras. That's certainly quite an honor. [See 10 Most Incredible Sunken Ships on Earth]
-- Posted Tuesday, October 29, 2013 by chb

Now available: Becoming A Scuba Diver
"Becoming A Scuba Diver -- From Pool to Sharks: Journey & Reflections Of the First 250 Dives" by Conrad Blickenstorfer is now available on Amazon! It's a detailed 370-page book on becoming a diver, from the first breath underwater, learning the dive gear, the initial frustrations of a new diver, then the first dives at Lake Tahoe, advanced classes and dives in Florida's sinks, caverns and rivers, and the magical first ocean dives in Roatan. From there it's on to drift diving in Cozumel, the first liveaboard experience in the Caribbean, the first thrilling encounters with sharks, diving wrecks and kelp, playing with seals, diving with the giant mantas of Socorro, and swimming with whale sharks off Isla Mujeres and in the Sea of Cortez, Mexico. Between diving experiences there are contemplations on scuba-related topics: altitude diving, dive computers, nitrox, cave diving, rebreathers, nitrogen narcosis, Hollywood's portrayal of scuba, Cousteau's legacy, humorous encounters, and self-analyis as a diver. I invite you to share my journey through the first 250 dives. [Get Becoming A Scuba Diver on Amazon!] -- Posted Saturday, October 5, 2013 by chb