September 2007

PowerSwim for Navy SEALs
An article in the November issue of Popular Mechanics laments that without fins only 3% of our underwater effort to swim results in forward motion. With fins, it's maybe 10%. Still not good. For dolphins it's more like 80%. So the US government's DARPA researchers are developing this odd contraption, called PowerSwim, that lets SEALs swim quicker and with less effort. The swimming technique is entirely different and requires some training. Also, the wide wing probably limits use to truly open water. [read PM article] -- Posted Friday, September 28, 2007 by chb

Nitrox: What is it? Why do people use it? How is the class?
Only a relatively brief time ago, Nitrox, a breathing gas mix with a larger percentage of oxygen and a smaller percentage of nitrogen, was viewed with great suspicion. Now more and more recreational divers are using it for its benefits: longer bottom times or shorter surface intervals due to less nitrogen absorption. And many Nitrox users report feeling better much better and more energetic after dives. What is Nitrox? What does it do? Why do people use it? And what's the PADI Nitrox class like? [Read about Nitrox and the PADI Nitrox class] -- Posted Saturday, September 15, 2007 by chb

Tough jobs: Shark Videographer
Some jobs are boring, some are rewarding, but how would you like to have "Shark Videographer" on your business card? [See Swimming with Sharks ] -- Posted Monday, September 3, 2007 by chb