December 2010

Maui: Black Rock Dive Profile
IMG_2914.JPGOne of my favorite Maui dive sites is Black Rock--a large lava rock that divides Kannapali Beach. It's known for being a great spot for night dives, cliff jumping and seeing some of Maui's biggest green sea turtles.

Black Rock is nearly 200 yards in length, running North-South. At its deepest it's only 30 ft. It's flanked by a reef that roughly 30 yards wide. Before diving Black Rock, contact Lahaina Divers and ask about the dive conditions.

If the swell is coming from the South, conditions will likely be ideal. If the swell is coming from the North, be careful. The current as. Check out ScubaDiverInfo's Black Rock dive profile here: Black Rock Dive Profile
-- Posted Wednesday, December 8, 2010 by jroualdes

Charging scooters catch fire in High Springs, FL motel
There have been stories of exploding Lithium-Ion laptop batteries, and now there's been a fire incident with charging scuba scooter lithium batteries. A charging scooter caught fire in the Cadillac Motel in High Springs, Florida, a favorite place to stay for Ginnie Springs cave divers. The fire spread to the room and caused considerable damage, but the man was rescued unharmed. [See story] -- Posted Monday, December 6, 2010 by chb

The Making of Under the Sea 3D
What weighs 1,200 lbs., cost $5,000 to operate for three minutes and requires the film to be changed every three minutes? If you guessed Howard Hall's IMAX camera, you're right. See how Hall and his team filmed great white sharks in South Australia here: The Making of Under the Sea 3D -- Posted Sunday, December 5, 2010 by jroualdes