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Casio Exilim S500 with EWC-60 Underwater Housing

The Casio Exilim goes underwater!
(by Carol Cotton Walker)

Sometime last year I got this cute little Casio Exilim EXS500 digital camera to try out. I did. I fell in love with it. And so has everyone else who has seen it! It's small enough to put it in your back pocket, and it's quite sturdy, too. As for the pictures? They are awesome! I've taken hundreds of pictures with this camera, and I have had huge success in taking eye catching pictures!

I teach scuba diving, so I thought it would be a nice touch to take pictures of my students during their first experiences underwater. I have a Sony Mini Digital Video Camera and housing, but it's not always practical to hang onto that hulking machine when a tiny camera would make more sense.

Christmas arrived, and so did a waterproof housing for the little orange camera! The EWC-60 housing is not much bigger than the camera itself, and extremely user friendly. I put the little camera inside the case and jumped in the water. I know the features and functions of the EXS500 like the back of my hand, but even if I didn't, the case is extremely well marked. The crystal clear housing has all white trim and writing, so it's easy to see at any depth. Colors are absorbed underwater the deeper you go, but white always seems to be visible.

The clear housing is a very good idea for several reasons. First, with a clear housing, there's no doubt it the camera is inside or not. Second, it would be easy to tell if any moisture was inside the housing,

Sturdy hinges, heavy-duty springs and buttons, O-ring seals, a polycarbonate resin case, and a multi-step latch are just a few of the components that make the EWC-60 a well made housing.

Not only does this housing work with model EXS500, but the EXS600 will work in it, as well. Not often will you find a housing that works with multiple camera models! The housing is designed to be used by snorkelers and scuba divers to a maximum depth of 130 feet. This makes taking pictures at any recreational dive possible!

The housing and camera jointly weigh just under a pound. Even at such a light weight and small size, this unit is slightly negatively buoyant in fresh water. The strap that is included seems a little long at first, but I quickly learned that can be a plus. I generally attach the strap to a D-ring on my Buoyancy Compensator and can easily hold it in either hand with plenty of reach to get that special shot. The strap has a quick release buckle, as well.

If you are a scuba diver, snorkeler, kayaker, surfer, fisherman, or simply want to capture special moments of your loved ones in your backyard swimming pool, this is the item for you. It's lightweight, user friendly, easy to carry, and very affordable. Still not sure? Take a look!

Casio S500 pics
Specifications Casio S500
Status Added 06/2007
Camera Type Ultra-thin
Size 3.54 x 2.32 x 0.63
Weight (oz.) 4.7
Effective Pixels 5.0 mp
CCD Type 1/2.5
Max pixel size 2560 x 1920
File formats JPEG, AVI, WAV, MPEG4
Compression fine, normal, economy
Movie recording (best) til full, with audio
Max movie pixels 640 x 480 (zoom)
Voice recording 30 sec sound memos
Lens 6 lenses, 5 groups
Focal length 6.2-18.6mm (38-114mm)
Zoom (optical/digital) 3X/4X
Aperture f/2.7 - f/4.3
Focus modes A/M/macro, lock
Focus minimum/macro 7 inches, 1.4 feet
Shutter speed 1/2000 to 1/8 sec
Sensitivity (ISO) auto/50/100/200/400
Autofocus system contrast type: spot/multi
Metering multi-pattern
Autofocus system contrast type: spot/multi
White-balance modes auto/presets
Shooting modes auto, 33 scenes
Exposure compensation +/-2EV in 1/3 steps
Viewfinder Type none
LCD size 2.2" LCD (85k) (354x240)
LCD type outdoor viewable
LCD construction fixed
Flash type built-in
Flash range up to 9.2 feet
Flash modes 4
Camera internal memory 8.3MB
Storage Medium SD/MMC
I/O USB "B" + AV via cradle
Battery type NP20 Li-Ion (3.7V, 700mAH)
CIPA Battery life (LCD/off) 210 images
List Price seek best
Contact www.casio.com

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